Rocket league cache files

So long story short, I have stutters when playing Rocket League (when other games too actually), my game keep freezing all the time like for 0,5ms or smth. (offline/online doesnt matter). Here is an example of it, on the top right corner you can see FPS stats and Connection Info. Please watch it completelly for more info.To delete the cache in Google Chrome on your computer, click the menu at the top-right corner of Chrome, select ""More tools,"" and then select ""Clear browsing data."" Choose how much data you want to delete from the drop-down menu, and make sure the ""Cached images and files"" box is checked.

If it's not working, regenerate critical CSS in WP Rocket and page builders (if using one). Scan your website using PurifyCSS. Download the combined, purified, and minified CSS. Paste the code into your cache plugin (fallback critical CSS). Exclude files from CSS delivery using WP Rocket's helper plugin.
Deleting the Cache file most of the time fixing issues with Rocket League. Try out, follow the steps. Go to your Documents folder on your computer. Once you went to the Documents folder, head to "My games" then "Rocket League". After you headed to the "Rocket League" folder, go to "TAGame", look for "Cache" and delete it.
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Cache file missing! So one day I opened my rocket league and wanted to start a match but it said "can't connect to rocket league server" (which is a problem many of you have probably experianced or at least heard of) so I looked up the fix for it and a lot of people said to remove the cache file so I did and it fixed the problem. but then I had ...
The cache in Rocket League is a file that stores frequently used information. This speeds up some processes making the game run a little faster. Because this information is changed frequently, there is a chance it can become corrupted over time.
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To Verify Game Files on Steam: Open Steam. Find Rocket League in your Library. Right-click on Rocket League. Select Properties. Click on the Local Files tab. Click the Verify Integrity Of Game Files button. Wait for validation to complete. Was this article helpful? 63 out of 181 found this helpful.
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To download Rocket League Mobile you simply need to follow a few quick steps. Click the download button that you see on the website; Once the file is downloaded, run it as any other APK; Install the game. If it asks you to allow unknown sources - do it; Run the game and enjoy! Download Rocket League Mobile Android Download Rocket League Mobile iOS